CLIPS expert system for Gentoo

I’ve created an ebuild for CLIPS, the tool for building expert systems. After submitting the ebuild to the Gentoo Bugzilla, I was told it was a duplicate and I should’ve searched. Well, I did, but I only found Eclipse related bugs and couldn’t filter them out to see this sole CLIPS bug.

The previously submitted CLIPS (for version 6.21) bug is written better than mine. However, it won’t compile because they released the new version with the same file names, so it’s impossible to emerge it. I updated this ebuild and if you want to install CLIPS on Gentoo, it’s available.

If you want to install it on your Gentoo, read on how to install 3rd party ebuilds, then go to the bug 49964 on Gentoo Bugzilla and download the ebuild, two patch files and the makefile. Then you need to add one line to your /etc/portage/packages.keywords file:

echo ‘sci-misc/clips ~x86’ \
>> /etc/portage/packages.keywords

The .ebuild file should go to the sci-misc/clips directory, and three other files into sci-misc/clips/files. After you’ve put the files, you need to make a digest:

ebuild clips-6.24.ebuild digest

This will download the necessary files and create a digest. Now you’re ready to emerge CLIPS.

emerge clips

This command will give you two CLIPS executables: “clips” which launches the command-line interface and “xclips”, an X-Window application.

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3 thoughts on “CLIPS expert system for Gentoo”

  1. How can we know the names of the 2 patches files ?
    It would be a lot more easy for everyone if you could provide a single archive containing the ebuilds and the files/ directory.

  2. The Gentoo guys may be confused with LISP interpreter CLISP. If you wish to resubmit the ebuild, make sure to distinguish between CLIPS and CLISP.

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