My Flickr favorites

I noticed that I had bookmarked a lot of favorites on Flickr. It's interesting to go back to photos that I liked some time ago. Do I still like them?

From Doleboy From Kenny Maths From Ryd4 From MARIO MARCANTE
From lightscameraction From Rod Graves From _Zahira_ From Kris Kros
From Kris Kros From catmadogma From Sunira From Dirk Paessler
From skryba From cuellar From J*me From Liz Goode
From PedroKirilos From fanz From PedroKirilos From cawins
From jeans From rockstro From Olivia Leigh From suffe
From Steffe From Blue Cockatoo From aikitherese From aikitherese
From thepres6 From thepres6 From danabethemanuel From Mute*
From kozan From andwat72 From MemoryMotel From fotographicpoetry

Please note: these photos weren't taken be me. They are photos I like.


Author: automatthias

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