Modern Applied Statistics with S

I got the package from Amazon today, containing the fourth edition of the famous Modern Applied Statistics with S. The book doesn't explain the theory of statistics, but focuses on actual use of S programming language and its free alternative, R. The creator of R, prof. Brian D. Ripley is one of authors, so I can expect this book be R-user friendly.

I bought the book mostly because of my thesis, but I expect it to be useful in the analytical work at large.


I reached my consultant

I finally contacted my consultant, with whom I discussed my thesis. It's a thoracic surgeon who is young enough to care to talk with me, a computer science student.

He is sceptical. It seems like I'll have to find a good way to make him like my idea. Doctors are difficult to talk with, especially about abstractions. In engineering, once you develop a model, you can discuss the model alone. But not in medicine. A doctor will never let a mathematical model be just a mathematical model.