I’ll have to make a presentation of my thesis next weekend. With help of kdissert I managed to finally start with my presentation. I don’t have a clue about what the mind mapping is, but I do know what a table of content is.

Sooner or later, you need to decide what your table of contents will look like. If you do it in LaTeX or a word processor1, you just type in your chapters and sections into the document and you get the TOC as a result. When you see it, you notice that it needs to be changed, so you go back to your document, make changes and generate the TOC again.

Why not concentrate on the TOC alone? I know that you can just play around with a nested bulleted list, but you can’t apply changes to the bulleted list as easily and quickly as in Kdissert. And you can’t transform your list into an OpenOffice document, or presentation, or LaTeX. With Kdissert, you can.

1 What is a word processor? You ever seen a food processor, what it does to food?

UPDATE: There’s another  mind-mapping tool, Freemind, which I like more than kdissert.


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