WengoPhone has slow video

WengoPhone has very slow video. My PC has Pentium 4 processor running at 2.4GHz and WengoPhone uses 100% of the processor while displaying remote video. If I maximaze the video it's even too slow to update frames on time and it falls behind. After restoring the normal size, the video suddenly speeds up and catches up with the sound. It looks funny, but it's annoying.

I don't know how exactly is video handled in WengoPhone, but it looks like they use some extremely inefficient code. Why don't they use some 2-D hardware acceleration?

I tried to make a video call from an Athlon 750MHz (with Ubuntu Breezy Badger), which was too slow to handle WengoPhone's processing power demands. GnomeMeeting for instance, runs smoothly on this machine. It is a great VoIP application, but it's missing some features: you don't have a list of your friends and you don't see who's on-line. It requires knowledge about the network. Skype or Wengo users don't have to know if they're behind a router and what's a router anyway? With GnomeMeeting you have to make sure that at least one party has a public IP number and a set of open TCP and UDP ports to make a successful call.

Poor Athlon 750MHz owners won't be able to make a video call with WengoPhone. I hope the WengoPhone-NG won't be crippled in this way.


Author: automatthias

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