Wengophone introduced

Some of my friends installed Skype 2.0 and bought webcams.

“Don't you have a webcam?” they asked.

“Well, I do, but Skype wasn't kind enough to release a Linux version of their software with a webcam support.”, I had to answer.

“Oh, so webcams don't work with Linux!” they said.

“They do!”, I answered, “It's Skype that prevents implementing video support for their software because it's not a free software. You are locked-in to Skype.”

Then comes the evangelism.

“If you use Skype, you can only communicate with programs and devices controlled by them. Skype can suddenly charge you for their services an unfair fee and you'll be unable to escape because you'll have already Skype devices.” ok, that's enough about them. Let's introduce the hero. “You should use free software that uses free protocols to communicate. The Wengophone is free software. It can talk with other soft-phones and device-phones. Also, the charge for land-line connection is lower, 0.010€ vs Skype's 0.017€ for one minute.”

Finally, I managed to make my boss install Wengophone. It worked fine. I stopped using Skype today.

Author: automatthias

You won't believe what a skeptic I am.