I’m Airto Moreira’s fan

…or, to be more specific, I'm fan of his five tracks, no more, no less. I had once a magnetic tape from my father with 4 tracks of an unknown artist. I listened to them for years and never stopped wondering, who could've made such a record. Finally, someone on the newsgroups said that it might be Airto. In fact, those four tracks came from the "I'm fine, how are you?" album. I was expecting a lot more and I found… just one track, a fifth from the same album. The remaining 3 tracks are so much worse that it really makes me wonder how the heck do they happen to be on the same album. I also sampled the new album, "Life After That", which was a disappointment.

Those five tracks are apparently recorded with a complete band, consisting of experienced jazz musicians. This base gives with Airto's Brazilian instruments and rhythms a solid base. And I think he needs it. The "Live solo" from "Live After That" has a funny beginning, but the rest sounds rather pathetic, unless you smoke dope.

And it's not like I don't like Airto, I really do! Just look on his profile on last.fm, I'm his top fan (at least at the time of writing). I just don't get, why are his records so uneven.

Author: automatthias

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