MS Natural Multimedia keyboard and the merged key

Looks like Microsoft's logo found its way down to my desk.

I got really sick of the ART keyboard. Its DEL and INS keys are merged into one, and there's an "F-lock" key that switches the merged key between delete and insert. Unfortunately, not only. It also switches the F1-F12 keys. Effect: I can't use DEL and F1-F12 at the same time. This simple thing can really drive me crazy.

I decided to buy MS Natural keyboard to get rid of the nasty merged key. I got the package today, I unpacked the keyboard and….

GAAAA!!! Merged key! In exactly the same place as on the ART keyboard! Please don't tell me that there's the "F-lock" as well… And there was one!

So I bought another keyboard only to get the same ridiculous merged key? Okay, I counted to ten, calmed down, connected the keyboard to my Linux box and tested the "F-lock", delete and F1-F12. I found out that the merged key doesn't switch between delete and insert, it's delete-only. So I'm able to use delete and F1-F12 at the same time. What a relief.

There's more than this. The new keyboard is much less noisy and the noises are less squeaky.

Now I need to sell the (no so) old ART keyboard, but… is it moral to do so?


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