Fighting Gentoo

I've been fighting with Gentoo for two days now. There were irritating issues during system compilation, related to the CHOST variable setting (I'm not running a i386, okay?). Then, I couldn't emerge -e system because there were some unmet dependencies (during first install? come on!). Then I tried to emerge system instead of emerge -e system, because the latter every time starts right from the beginning and throws out all of already compiled stuff. Then there were dependency problems again, as ./configure scripts couldn't find necessary components. It wasn't the portage systems that claimed the dependencies, it was the original ./configure scripts that complained. Being stuck, I started doing whatever else I could. I added a Gentoo mirror in make.conf and synced the portage tree. Wow, there's a lotta software in portage. Then, emerge -e system again. Well, now it's still milling.

I also updated the portage itself, and I noticed that during dependency calculation, the usual rotating stick was replaced with some flashing green letters. I thought that there's something to read in them, and it's my terminal that doesn't have proper colors, so I tried hard… and read: You're paying too much attention. I think this text varies each time the portage calculates dependencies. I thought about reading it, but I decided not to pay attention.

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