Bad luck with hardware

It seems like I'm having a bad luck. List of hardware defects since 2003 goes like this: Belinea LCD monitor: stain on the screen (guarantee serviced), hard disk crash in my laptop, hard disk crash in my desktop, external hard disk crash, USB disk case defect (it went totally dead), video card defect (went dead). I'm not mentioning here Thinkpad 600E which was destroyed by few drops of salty water which was spilled over the display and got inside straight onto the mainboard.

And now, few days after getting my monitor back from service, it is defective again: there is a hotpixel near top-left corner. I wonder how the (almost) new ergonomic keyboard is going to behave like.


Vendor-supplied drivers

I'm working on a project where Linux based desktop computers will be used for data gathering. Each workstation will be equipped with a printer. I got the printer and it happened to be Lexmark Z617. CUPS doesn't list this model. Google search didn't reveal any drivers for it. Finally, I got a vendor-manufactured driver for Z600 series. I installed the driver and configured the printer with CUPS. Computer did recognize an USB device, installed driver was listed in CUPS, so everything seemed fine. Except for that printer doesn't print anything.
This was with Slackware 10.1 and 10.2, not I'm going to try with Ubuntu 5.10 – maybe it's some distribution-specific glitch? Driver vendor says that it was tested with Red Hat 9.0. I wonder who uses Red Hat 9.0 anymore.
I also took a look at the license. It says:
You may make a single copy of the Software solely for backup
purposes or installation. You may not alter, decrypt, reverse assemble,
reverse compile or otherwise translate the Software. You may not copy the
Software into any public network.

So, will any Linux distribution be allowed to include those drivers? I doubt it. Conclusion? Do NOT buy Lexmark.