Evolutionary algorithms

I've got an assignment in my school to implement an evolutionary algorithm. The teacher gave freedom of choice of a programming language. He suggested C, C++ and Java. My friend is going for Lisp. I considered Java but now I got tempted to write it in GNU Octave. I'm expecting this language to give the results with the smallest amount of code.


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  1. What is the progress on this?
    Do You know if there exist evolutionary algs for octave?

  2. It worked really well. I implemented my exercise algorithm in one evening. The code was about 40 lines long (compare it to hundreds of lines of code people wrote in other languages!). The teacher wasn’t familiar with the language, and I had to explain the code bit by bit. I got a good grade.

    Try Octave Forge, look for specific algorithm names, because ‘evolutionary’ is a very broad term and is unlikely to give useful results.

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