Remote sound

This allows you to run application on one computer, and hear the sound on other computer, via network.
Server (where you want to listen):
esd -promiscuous -tcp -public -port 150 &
Client (where sound application runs):
esddsp -v --server=server.ip.number:150 -m name_of_the_program

I don't like esd too much, but this once was a very convenient thing.


Take notes so you don’t forget

If you're afraid of forgetting something, write it down. Surely I do that. Here is what I found today in my notes:

pstops "2:0L@.7(21cm,0)+1L@.7(21cm,14.85cm)"

I think what it does is convert a postscript document from simple A4 document to two pages on one A4. But it's just a guess… because I didn't write down what it does.

Halloween. A candy or a trick.

Beep-beep. I pick the door phone up and say "hello". A childish voice says: "Halloween. A candy or a trick." It was the last thing that was said, because I hang the door phone.
Why did I become so antisocial? Those kids probably meant me no harm. This makes me think…