Archive for October 31st, 2005

Remote sound


This allows you to run application on one computer, and hear the sound on other computer, via network.
Server (where you want to listen):
esd -promiscuous -tcp -public -port 150 &
Client (where sound application runs):
esddsp -v --server=server.ip.number:150 -m name_of_the_program

I don't like esd too much, but this once was a very convenient thing.

Take notes so you don’t forget


If you're afraid of forgetting something, write it down. Surely I do that. Here is what I found today in my notes:

pstops "2:0L@.7(21cm,0)+1L@.7(21cm,14.85cm)"

I think what it does is convert a postscript document from simple A4 document to two pages on one A4. But it's just a guess… because I didn't write down what it does.

Halloween. A candy or a trick.


Beep-beep. I pick the door phone up and say "hello". A childish voice says: "Halloween. A candy or a trick." It was the last thing that was said, because I hang the door phone.
Why did I become so antisocial? Those kids probably meant me no harm. This makes me think…

Wrists’ pain started to bother me recently


Wrists' pain started to bother me recently. Looks like it's time to buy an ergonomic keyboard. I think it's going to be a Microsoft Natural keyboard.