My music background

This post is not about the background music for a blog. I personally hate background sounds for web pages and I believe you should never force the user to hear anything unrequested.

I decided to blog some information about my music background. I was involved in music for few years. Now I don’t deal with music any more. Here’s information about 4 bands that I’ve found and led:

  • Struktura – Jazz standards, swing songs and bossa-novas.
  • Hot Cargo – first funky music band
  • Funksters Jam Sessions – I’ve organized funky jam sessions in Warsaw. We played every Tuesday from 19:00 till 22:00. After few weeks the club was full every time we played. I even saw people recording our jams!
  • Funksters 1 – Consisted of people met on the jam sessions. We began with playing Brand New Heavies and Incognito covers.
  • Funksters 2 – Evolved from Funksters 1. This was a fully professional crew. See Funksters’ website, my first website ever. You can also download Funksters songs.

I have a pretty large collection of composition “stubs” which wait to be expanded. Sometimes I’m thinking about going back to music composition.


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  1. Hi, I found a cassette tape at an estate auction yesterday. It states that is was “recorded live w/2 mics. at an old farm house near Statesboro, GA 11/92 Thanks, Hot Cargo” Was that you? If so, I’d like to know a little about the band. Thank you very much.

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