I decided to abandon my wiki website

I had a period of extreme enthusiasm towards wiki website model. I created an internal wiki for my company, a website about atopic dermatitis, a website about the jazz guitar, a mixed extra-intranet for National Food and Nutrition Institute, a website about yoga (for my girlfriend), a knowledge base for EACTS Congenital Database and, last but not least, a wiki for myself. The last one was used extensively during my stay in Denmark, when I used it to write reports for assignments.

After finishing the courses in Denmark it seems like I'm not using it anymore. So I decided to close it. Static content is going to be published on my HTML based website. Blogs (English and Polish) will be used for temporary things and publishing thoughts.
Nevertheless I do consider wiki a very powerful website model. For example, it's a perfect tool for website prototyping. You can create content for the website with wiki with extreme ease. When the structure and content is more or less ready, you can move the content to more static website model.

So, what's the best use of wiki? I can point out few of them:

  • Collaborative website – it can be a community website or a website for some project (software project or an academic course).
  • Website prototype – you can easily move content around, create and delete subpages until you get desired website structure.
  • Thesis writing – you can easily organize your material and write parts of your thesis. After writing the material you can make a linear version by stitching together content of selected subpages.

If you're about to create a website that matches one of above, consider a wiki model.


Author: automatthias

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