Java application start delay

Delayed Java applications start is what annoys me lately. Fresh Slackware 10.1 installation, Dropline Gnome 2.10, Net Beans 4.1 together with JRE. When I try to start any Java application, I have to wait about 2 minutes for the application start. During this 2 minutes, CPU is idle, hard disks don’t read nor write, and RAM is nearly empty.

Suddenly, the application pops up. I observed it on two computers with the same software. For some reason, my current workstations suffers from java-startup delays, while on the other computer java is starting immediately. How to diagnose such a problem?

UPDATE: For those of you who seek for the answer, in my case the problem was:

IPv6 support enabled but blocked on my local firewall

The Java application was trying to reach the “localhost” via IPv6, which was blocked by my firewall, which was configured to drop any IPv6 traffic. The application was just waiting for any answer.

To solve it, I recompiled the Linux kernel without IPv6 support. The application started to start immediately.