Automatic mixer settings

How to set up a mixer for internet telephony from a Linux box? Even though mixer settings are not complicated, I’ve seen people having problems, not being albo to set up their microphone for audio capture. Mixer have lots of elements and most of them irrelevant (seen the same things on Mac? just two keys on the keyboard for volume adjustment). If you need to set up your mixer for talking over the internet, like Gnome Meeting or Skype, you can try this script:

amixer set PCM 85% unmute
amixer set Master 85% unmute
amixer set External unmute
amixer set Capture 100%
amixer set Mic 0% mute cap
amixer set 'Mic Boost (+20dB)' unmute

It will set up playback and recording. I’m using device names (Mic, PCM, Master) from my sound card, I hope that yours will be the same.

The actual device names on your system will be probably different, but you can list yours and change them accordingly. You can list your controls with “amixer scontrols” for simple controls and “amixer controls” for the full list.


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