Going to Poland and not having my bike stolen

Stealing is not common in Denmark. I can go out shopping on my bike with a trailer and I don’t have to worry that somebody steals it while I’m picking yoghurts from shelves. How is it going to be in Poland? I will have to buy heavier locks and lock both my bike and the trailer. And not only lock the wheels, but also tie vehicles to some heavy object so they can’t be loaded on a truck and carried away for lock removal.


Author: automatthias

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2 thoughts on “Going to Poland and not having my bike stolen”

  1. Yes, stealing your bike could easily happpen in countries like Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria… (I’m a Romanian, so I know what I’m talking about).

    However, given the immmigration levels (from Eastern Europe or East-Asia) in your and other northern countries, get prepared to watch your pockets, not only your bike! 😦


  2. I’m already in Poland. I think I saw some bike thieves while eating fried fish near the sea shore. There were some guys talking and laughing very loud, apparently discussing the bikes. Eventually, one of them removed the seat, took the lock that was wrapped around the seat pipe and threw the lock away. Yup, I’m going to watch my pockets as well.

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